Leade.rs Web Redesign


I worked closely with the front-end developer on my team to design a re-usable component library system for the Leade.rs web application.

Starting Point

The initial MVP designs of the Leade.rs web application did not take into account scalability and reusability. This redesign was focused on creating a component library and a new fresh design that made the brand feel more friendly.

Define Base Styles

One of the first things I worked on was defining base styles which included colors and typography.

Design Components

Creating a profile in the app required quite a bit of user input. Early iterations focused on breaking up the onboarding into separate screens.

Design Speaker and Event Organizer user flows

There are two groups of people who use the Leade.rs web app - Speakers and Event Organizers. The next step after creating base styles and components was to design the different user flow for Speakers and Event Organizers. That required an audit of the previous web app.

Speaker Flows

Event Organizer Flows

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